About the data in the AAP

As a proof-of-principle of the value of annotating the "allergy interactome" (i.e. the collection of molecular interactions of relevance to allergy), the InnateDB team was funded in 2011 by AllerGen (strategic project grant) to establish a small curation team over several weeks to interrogate the literature for molecular interactions of relevance to allergy/asthma. After a general review of databases, their pathway coverage, and AllerGen priorities, the curation team focused on molecular interactions involving component molecules of the KEGG Asthma Pathway and a number of genes implicated in genome-wide associations of asthma. Over this short period the team annotated 656 human, mouse and rat molecular interactions of relevance to allergy/asthma that are published in the biomedical literature but were not previously annotated in either InnateDB or any of the top 5 other public molecular interaction databases.

Read more about the curated data in the AAP on our resources page on Manual Curation.